Wednesday, February 7, 2007

SXSW 2007 Lineup Looks Great! Too Bad I Won't Be There...

As I mentioned yesterday, SXSW has announced their 2007 film lineup and much to my delight and surprise it contains several features that some good friends of mine worked on. They include:

SISTERS - Doug Buck's remake of the DePalma classic, said to be very good by those who caught its world premiere at Sitges last fall. If you know Buck's work at all, you'll know to expect something with real edge and not some uninspired remake crap. Hooray Doug!

THE DEVIL DARED ME TO - My pal Anthony Timpson's production company's first feature is having its world premiere at SXSW. Said to be a stuntman comedy, let's hope this one is more HOOPER than STUNT ROCK. I expect big things from Ant and company and am sure it will not disappoint.

HE WAS A QUIET MAN - I don't know too much about this one except that it stars Christian Slater, William H. Macy and K.C. Ramsey. Who is K.C. Ramsey? Only my old HQ10 co-hort from waaaaay back, now making big moves in the cinema scene. Good luck, Kev, and I hope this one's better than the last one (that's K.C. in the upper left corner).

It looks like a great line-up and SXSW is always a blast, easily one of the best film festivals around. I wish I were going.

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