Monday, February 26, 2007

Fuck Scorsese, Congratulations to George Miller!

I don’t really have too much to say about last night’s Oscars except to say that it was not much of a show as entertainment, but as a representation of the 2006 movie year, it was pretty good. Not that all of the best films of the year won, but those that did didn’t really shame the Academy too much. Things could have gone a lot worse. (For another view of the evening’s events, enjoy Kim Morgan’s take over at MSN.)

To me, the biggest non-story of the night was Martin Scorsese’s win for Best Director. A non-story I call it because we all knew it was coming and in all of our minds he’s already been a winner for so many years that this almost something of an afterthought. I’m glad he won and all, but there really was no suspense behind it.

But the big story of the night was really George Miller’s win for HAPPY FEAT as Best Animated Feature. Not so much because I was a big fan of the film (which I did enjoy), but because Miller, in my mind, is one of the very few filmmakers out there with an absolutely perfect track record. The MAD MAX films, LORENZO’S OIL, THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK and even the underrated (although our numbers grow more and more every year) BABE: PIG IN THE CITY are all outstanding films and Miller is a filmmaker of real imagination and a great storyteller. They say that Scorsese’s win last night was really a win for RAGING BULL, TAXI DRIVER and GOODFELLAS, and if that’s the case, then THE ROAD WARRIOR finally picked up its long-overdue statuette last night, too.

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