Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Official...

A word of warning: Get ready for a lot of posts about Weird Wednesdays and Terror Thursdays screenings, Rolling Roadshows, special screenings and all kinds of Austin, TX weirdness. More than usual, I mean.

That's right, I'm moving to Austin and I'm working for Fantastic Fest. Full time.

Starting next Monday, I'll driving halfway across country from the soon-to-be-former N.J. home base to Austin and my new position of Sponsorship Coordinator for Fantastic Fest. It's basically a sales job, which I've done before, but the difference here is that I happen to love what it is I'm selling, and I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that Fantastic Fest is the best film festival in the world (or at least the best I've ever been to - sorry, Fantasia). I'm looking forward to it like a kid looks forward to Christmas, as I am also looking forward to living in Austin, spending time with my many good friends down there and those many long nights I will no doubt spend at the Alamo Drafthouse. There's gonna be a lot of those.

I'm telling you this in part because, as much as I like to spread good news, it's bound to have an impact on the frequency of HQ 10 postings. Unlike the last job, where free time flowed like wine at a wino convention, this is a real job with a lot of responsibility behind it, and although that aspect doesn't bother me any, it's going to take a lot of time off my hands, along with the whole finding a place to live and unpacking my life routine. But make no mistake, I am looking forward to it.

One thing I can tell you for sure is not to look to HQ 10 for all the inside poop on Fantastic Fest. Just as I did not dish any on the soon-to-be-previous job any (although I will at some point), Fantastic Fest stuff will be verboten until things are officially announced by the grand Pooh-Bah of FF, Mr. Tim League. And that's my law, not his. But yeah, expect to get real sick of hearing about the awesomeness of Austin and the occasional whining of missing this or that event back in NYC. But life's going to get interesting, that's for sure

So now you know.

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