Monday, January 14, 2008

Two From Nacho Vigilando

Later this week, Nacho Vigilando's TIMECRIMES will play to what will no doubt be a packed house of industry assholes, bloggers, fellow filmmakers and one or two random movie lovers who will actually get in at the Sundance Film Festival. No doubt they will enjoy what they see and the buzz on the film (which has been growing since it premiered at Fantastic Fest last fall) will hopefully continue to make big things for this talented Spaniard. Nacho has recently filmed this most amusing short film called CAMBIAR EL MUNDO (or CHANGING THE WORLD) for a mobile phone company, and since most of you are ways off from seeing TIMECRIMES, here's a taste of Nacho's talents:

And while I'm at it, here's another taste of Nacho's many talents:

I'd like to see him do that in front of the Sundance crowd!

With TIMECRIMES playing the festival circuit throughout most of 2008, I sincerely hope I see him again real soon.

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