Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Down on the Dead in Brooklyn

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Previously posted in a butchered, truncated version here. What follows is the much better original text. Enjoy!

It doesn't take much to nearly ruin my first theatrical screening of my favorite horror film of all time, just a bunch of stupid Brooklyn hipsters.

George Romero's Dawn of the Dead was screened at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last night (in a very nice print) as part of a special film series selected by actor Paul Giamatti (who seems to have great taste in movies). You've got to understand what a big deal this was, as theatrical screenings of this classic are incredibly rare, and the 6pm showing was even introduced by producer Dick Rubinstein. I couldn't make that show, but I wish I did after what I went through during the 9pm show.

We all know that Dawn of the Dead has many humorous and satirical moments, but according to this crowd, it should also be shown on our "Camp Movie Classics" series. Jerks!

The laughs started coming during the opening shootout in the tenement and pretty much kept going throughout. Every moment of drama that has always struck me as genuine and touching was apparently stupid and hilarious. Even the scene where where David Emge's character asks Gaylen Ross to marry him was laughed at. WTF?

Look, I understand that Dawn doesn't have the polish of a contemporary movie and that Romero isn't necessarily one of more subtle filmmakers around. But this crowd seems to have no understanding (or caring) about the working class world Romero was coming from with this. One of the things that makes Dawn so great in my mind is how true Romero was to this, but I guess that doesn't mean anything to these hipster jerks. I guess there's no room for sentimentality in a Zack Snyder, running zombie world.

Seriously, to all you hipster losers who ruined one of the greatest movies of all time, now I know where the living dead go when there's no more room in Hell: Williamsburg. Thanks a lot, jerks!

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